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The Markson Connection is the combined creation of "tribal leaders" Dr. Brett Axelrod, Dr. Rick Markson, and Dr. Larry Markson.

Together, we have designed a unique, one-of-a-kind program, carefully hand-crafted for an exclusive "tribe" of synergistic chiropractors who are seeking to build practices and lives that are truly successful.

The "tribal concept" of the Markson Connection is purposely intended to be smaller, more selective, and more intimate, but much more effective in helping our members manifest the life they have envisioned.

Our intent is to "connect" tribal members and create a greater collective consciousness for Doctors of Chiropractic. The Connection is about building and living a life of significance, which means more than just chiropractic practice.

It is for those who aspire to improve who they are and make a greater contribution to humanity while building a legacy in their own names.

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2015 Tribal Gathering Dates

January 29-31
June 11-13
October 8-10